What We Do

We provide a platform that connects donors and charities from across the world enabling the maximum tax benefit.

The need

Many times, people are asked to make donation to a foreign charity, sometimes they are asked by family and friends and other times by a foreign charity when the need arises. The challenge for many, is the absence of tax-deductible benefit when donating to a foreign charity. A tax-deductible receipt for a donation in one country can not be used as a tax benefit in another country.

The solution

Charity Exchange has created a donor exchange platform. The platform matches donors in one country with donors in other countries.

The concept

Donor A donates to a local charity in his own country (Country A) on behalf of Donor B who lives in another country (Country B). Donor B donates to a local charity in their own country (Country B) on behalf of Donor A who lives in another country (Country A). This enables both donors to receive a tax-deductible receipt for the donation.