Charity Exchange for Donors

We can help you! We help donors support charities globally.

If you are an individual or corporate donor living in Canada, Israel and in the USA, we can help you support your favourite charities at home or abroad. Through the Charity Exchange global platform, you can donate to charities in Canada, Israel and in the USA.

Charity Exchange’s Foundations are public foundations that operate as Donor Advised Funds.

All our foundations are registered charities in the countries we operate in. When you add money to your Charity Exchange account, you are making a donation to one of our global foundations. This is why you get a local tax-deductible receipt after adding money to your account. The funds you add, stay in your account until you donate it to a charity.

You can use your Charity Exchange account to support any registered charity in Canada, Israel, and the United States, and manage all your charitable giving from a single account.

To learn more how global donations work, visit our Donor FAQ page.

4 steps to get started!

  1. Open a Charity Exchange Account.
  2. Add money to your Charity Exchange Donor Advised Fund wallet and get a tax-deductible receipt from our charitable foundation in your jurisdiction.
  3. Use funds from your account wallet to donate to your favourite charity at home or abroad.
  4. Charity receives the donation.

Account Benefits and Features:

  • Create an individual or joint account and select a individual or joint tax receipts for your donation.
  • Create a corporate donor account and receive corporate tax receipts.
  • Donate to any registered charity in Canada, Israel, and the United States.
  • Make cash donations using credit cards, cheque, electronic transfers, or wires.
  • Donate non-cash assets such as cryptocurrency, stock options, life insurance, and more, and easily convert them to a cash donation.
  • Receive email notification when a gift is complete and sent to the charity.
  • View and download monthly transaction reports.

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