Charity Exchange is a technology platform that facilitates charitable giving and helps connect global donors with charities. We offer two options for making a gift:

(i) a donor advised fund option and
(ii) a global donation matching program.
Charity Exchange services are currently available in Canada, Israel, and the USA. Other countries will be added to our platform soon.
All registered charities can open an account.
Charity accounts can be used for both sending and receiving donations.
To set up an account, click on login/signup. You will need to provide your full legal name, phone number and the charity address. Select the country jurisdiction of the charity and find and select the name of charity from our list of registered charities.

Charities are also required to provide the charity contact information and supporting documents for registered user to gain full access to the charity account.

Create a secure and confidential password.
To donate you must first fund your account. There are 2 options to fund your account,

(i) make a deposit into the charity’s “My Wallet” or
(ii) use funds that were donate to your charity account by other users.
Follow these steps:

1. Click on "Sign Up.
2. Select your country and state and click on "Claim your charity".
3. in the section titled "Enter or select charity name", click on the drop menu and select "Other" from the top of the list. A new window will appear where you can enter your charity name.

NOTE: You must upload supporting documents of your charity status. In the USA, a IRS 501c3 approval letter. In Canada, a copy of the CRA approval letter or a screenshot of CRA listing your charity on their website. In Israel, a letter of approval from Reshut Ha'Amutot.
Accounts have two donation features:

(i) a donor advised fund feature and
(ii) a donation matching program feature.
You click on the donate button on the left menu in your account and donate by recommending and selecting a gift be made to the selected charity.
You click on the donate button on the left menu in your account and select the charity of your choice. You indicate the donation amount you would like to match. Upon being matched with a donor, your funds are donated to the recommender charity. (The matching occurs automatically based on your recommendation to grant matching funds to the charity.)
Charity Accounts Track incoming and outgoing transactions.

Have access and accept donations from our global donor base.

No need to issue tax- deductible receipt. All receipts are managed and issued by the foundation through the charity exchange platform.

Donate to other registered charities listed on our platform.

Manage and track all your donors and donations under one account.
No, we do not send funds from one jurisdiction to another. The charity in the other jurisdiction receives a matching donation from a matching donor in their jurisdiction using our matching platform.
The foundation, in the donor’s jurisdiction, issues the tax receipt. Charity Exchange manages the donor advised fund where the donor makes a gift to the foundation in their jurisdiction. The foundation grants the gift in accordance with the donor’s recommendations. Please review the Donation Terms of Understanding for more information.
Click on the green “Withdraw” icon on the top right of the dashboard page. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and select the method of payment.

Note: the system has the cheque option as the default withdrawal method. To add other withdrawal methods click on "withdrawal methods" in the "account setting" on the left menu. You may add eTransfer/Zelle or wire as a withdrawal method.
You can only send donations to registered charities. A full list of registered charities is accessible through our platform. If the charity is not listed, this may be a sign the charity is not a registered charity and is not eligible to receive donations through the Charity Exchange Platform. If you feel this may be incorrect, please contact Charity Exchange to verify.

You can only grant a donation to charities that are listed on the Charity Exchange Platform.

Even if a charity is listed as a registered charity, the charities must register with Charity Exchange (claim their account) to received the funds. A popup window will appear indicating if the charity is not registered with Charity Exchange. You can still donate to the charity but they will need to register to claim their funds.
You must register and open and account with us. Once the account is open, you need to fund your account (or charities can use funds that have been donated to their account). Once funds are received in your account you can start using the Charity Exchange platforms. Funds may clear in your account immediately or take up to 6 business days. This will depend on the method used to fund your account.
Yes. You must register as a charity (claim your charity account) to access our platform and withdraw any donation funds.
To help you keep your account secure, allow you to access all the transaction and donation history and download copies of all related tax-receipts. For charities, this information helps us protect your account and issue payments accordingly.
No. Charities must register as a charity to claim their account.
We offer several options in different countries. Some funding options are through Credit card, check, wire transfer, eTransfer, Zele or cryptocurrency.

In addition, if you have received a donation from a donor, you can use those funds to donate to other charities on our platform.
Depends on the method used to fund your account there may be a delay for your funds to become available in your account.

Below are the average times for funds to clear/appear into your wallet/account.

Cheque deposit: Same day. At times, can take up to 6 business days. (From the time it is recieved)

eTransfer or Zelle: 30-60 minutes. At times, can take up to 3 business days.

Wire/ACH/EFT: Same day. At times, can take up to 3 business days.

Credit Card: Imediately.

PayPal: Same day. At times, next business day.
Some funding options are free while others have a funding fee. When you select a funding option in your account you will see if there is any fee associated with that option. Generally, checks, eTransfer, Zele or cryptocurrency are free. Some of the other funding options may have a fee associated with them.
The is no annual or monthly fee for opening a Charity Exchange account. However, there is a 3% donation fee to donate using the platform. The fees are clearly shown for each transaction.
It fluctuates based on market price. However, our conversion rates are similar or lower than the currency conversion rates at many major banks.
This will depend on if there is a donation match available in the selected jurisdiction. If there is a match, the donation will occur instantly when you click submit on your donation. If there is no matching funds in the selected jurisdiction, your donation will remain as pending until a match is found.
If the donation appears as “pending” it can be canceled. The funds will be redeposited into the charity account for further use or would be available for withdrawal. If the donation appears as “completed” the donation can not be canceled.
If the charity has registered and opened an account with Charity Exchange, they will receive automated email notifications for every donation received.

If the charity has not registered with Charity Exchange, then we will try to notify the charity through the available contact details the donor provides or through the contact details in the charity listing. We strongly encourage donors to notify their charity of choice to register with Charity Exchange to access and keep track of their donation progress in real time.
When a Matching donation is created it appears as “pending” until it is paired with a matching donation in the jurisdiction of the selected charity. Once the donations is paired the status will appear as “completed”.
When matching donations are paired with each other, the matching amounts may differ. The matching donation of the larger amount will be split into two. One part is paired and adjusted to match with the other matching donation and the second part remains as pending until a further match is found and paired with the remainder. In some instances, the matching donation may be divided into several matching donations. This will depend on the matching donation amounts available in the charity’s jurisdiction.
There may be several reasons.

1. If you have not clicked on the green withdraw icon in your account, funds will not be sent.
2. If you have clicked on the withdraw icon but do not see the funds in your account, this may be a result of the processing times associated with the various methods of payment.

The estimate processing times for;
Zelle and eTransfer, 24-48 hours
Wires, up to 4 business days
Checks, 3-4 weeks.
Please note, these times are an estimate and may take longer.